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With Miller Genuine Draft

Zurich based producer and DJ EDX is an EDM artist with depth. Not afraid to move with the times, the talented Swiss producer - and favourite of Pete Tong - produces everything from main-stage progressive through to modern deep house, while maintaining a keen eye for the dancefloor!

Get to know EDX through the track, remix and live set below.

EDX mixed our covermount CD last year - showcasing a sound heavy with big room EDM flavours. Yet he has recently transitioned into deeper territory with this release on his own Sirup Music label. Deep house 2.0 with uplifting chords and a killer basssline - a guaranteed summer hit.

EDX’s take on the love-it-or-hate-it country/EDM hybrid from Avicii introduces a slick piano line, which brings it closer to the club than the barn dance.

EDX’s live mix from EDC Chicago last year is a better example of the sound you are likely to hear from the Sirup Music boss if you catch him on a mainstage. 55 minutes of driving, progressive EDM from one of the USA’s leading events.

Over the next few weeks you can catch EDX at the Empire Music Festival in Guatemala, Istmo Fest in El Salvador before he jets back to the USA for gigs as Marquee Las Vegas.

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