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It's a good look

Gang Gang Dance

Ooh we like a bit of 'melding, psychedelic tribal dance' every now and again, it sort of sets us up nicely. Gang Gang Dance have thrust forth onto our radar with a bright sonic beam that's causing massive tremors and some serious aftershock treatment.

Hailing from New York and currently just about to embark on a 2 week tour of Europe that will include dates in Manchester, London, Bristol and Brighton.
When asked where they get their clothes from, LZA from the band explained "I get my clothes from friends' hand me downs believe it or not. But then again, I do believe my friends are high rollers in the industry. I often say I have two personal stylists, one, Marcella Mullins runs a vintage couture house in New Jersey, where designers get their inspiration. Think YSL, Christian Dior, etc. My other stylist is Chloe Sevigny, whom has impeccable taste in fashion.".