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Jeff Mills has curated a techno art exhibition called WEAPONS

WEAPONS is “an exhibition of techno music, art and artefacts”...

Legendary techno producer Jeff Mills will be curating a techno art exhibition in Monte Carlo called ‘WEAPONS’ this weekend.

The exhibition, which will be open for just two days from 28th to 29th April, will be taking place at the third instalment of Monte Carlo's Artemonte-Carlo art exhibition.

The art exhibition is expected to include a host musical compositions, videos, installations and sculptures from across Mills’ artistic career as well as a series of works created especially for the exhibition.

“Music has always been used as a weapon,” wrote Mills on the concept of the exhibition.

“In the mid-1980’s a form of dance music, known as Techno emerged as the need to stand up and speak out, technology became cheaper more accessible to the average person, giving them the ability to construct a new type of art form and industry from mixing ideas and visions," he explained. "It's a genre that is based on like-mindedness and shared perceptions about the World and the degree in which it spins."

Mills recently postulated during a recent interview that the very idea of a human DJ could disappear entirely in the future.

"Having a physical DJ standing behind a set-up could disappear. I don’t know what will replace it, but I’m almost sure that it will be gone,” explained the techno maverick.

Via Electronic Beats