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Jeff Mills' ‘Lost In Space’ makes its live debut this week

The orchestral performance will be live streamed on Friday...

Jeff Mills’ 2017 release ‘Lost In Space’ will be making its live debut tomorrow (5th April) in Toulouse, France. The veteran DJ/producer/visionary will be joined by the Orchestre du Capitole and conductor by Christophe Mangou, who also collaborated on the EP itself.

The five-track, 12” vinyl EP was released in October 2017 via Axis Records and will be performed live on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. The show on Friday (6th April) will be streamed worldwide via Medici TV and Arte Concerts at 7pm GMT. The show has been arranged by Sylvain Griotto, with scenography by Yves Pépin. 

According to an official statement ‘Lost In Space’ was composed “with the future of mankind’s advances in Space travel and colonizing other planets in mind. It is a reach to grasp for subjects like the ‘other types of time’, ‘the crashing of Worlds’ and ‘the illusions we create’ in our minds and what we believe is reality.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Mill’s fascination with space research and its potential for artistic and musical affiliation has been explored. In January, NASA announced that it had teamed up with the techno pioneer and London radio station NTS for a six-part radio series titled ‘Jeff Mills: The Outer Limits’. The project is ongoing.

In a recent interview with Fabric Nightclub, Mill’s shared his thoughts on subjects like the future relationship between technology and music, artificial intelligence, the hybridization of electronic and classical music and how the system of “having a physical DJ standing behind a set-up could disappear”.

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