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Jnr Hacksaw can't live without...

His ETI 4600 modular synth.

The synth was an early creation of Trevor Marshall who went on to design the Fairlight. "My one is unique; these synths where sold as kits and the guy who built it decided to put it in a huge case and replace the pin matrix with patch cords. Not a great idea, I'm sure he saved lots of cash but the patch cords have a habit of falling out. "The synth is capable of some sick sounds; I tend to use it for effects, kind of like a huge siren! You can hear it on the track 'Invisible Exhibitionism' I use it to make the bass sounds. The synth has four oscillators and a sub osc. My favourite patch sends the output of the first osc into the second, the second into the third and so on. I tweak the oscillator pitches to produce anything from rhythmic modulations to full on frequency modulation, madness!" The synth also includes two ring modulators, two multimode filters, two envelopes, a trapezoid generator, spring reverb and a graphic EQ. Check out the sounds of the Invisible Exhibitionism at the Addictech store over at www.addictech.com