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Dyro's Providence recount of Revealed North America Bus Tour with Hardwell and Dannic

DJ Mag has been giving you the scoop every step of the way, capturing each moment of Revealed on Tour starring Hardwell, Dannic and Dyro. We've brought you up-to-date front and backstage antics, mixes, free tickets and ongoing Jockey Journal. 

If you missed Hardwell's first  or second entry, prior journal entries from Dannic or Dyro then go back, catch up and continue onward with more musings from Dyro's latest Jockey Journal, below:

04/17/2014     Ryan Center       Providence, RI

"Heading to the 8th show on the tour and the wear and tear of life on the road is starting to show but luckily we’ve toured extensively with each other over the past couple of years, so know each other well. But one thing that life on the road does to you is bring you closer together as friends, as brothers. 

On our journey along the freeway we decided to pick up some bits form a service station to kit out the bus for entertainment purposes. As we went to check what snacks they had in the 7/11 (US candy is pretty crazy), it wasn’t long before Hardwell returned, grinning from ear-to-ear, with a mini basketball net. We fixed it to a section inside the bus and spent a couple of hours killing time shooting hoops in a mini Revealed tournament. Dannic narrowly edged the title just before we arrived at the hotel for the nights show. 

After some chill time at the hotel we headed to the venue for sound check and then went and grabbed another big meal before show time. Lights down and systems go, the party was starting to get into its stride when we arrived at the gig. Dannic sets the scene playing his usual style of up front progressive house music, before Hardwell steps up, by this point the crowd are literally roaring at the top of their voices. Hardwell’s trademark blend of hits and edits never fails to disappoint and the crowd seemed to love it more than ever. His ‘Everybody Is In The Place’ track is one of those tunes that just sets the room on fire each time it’s played. For my set I wanted to keep the energy level high and at a peak which the crowd responded to perfectly. Was good seeing Dannic and Hardwell loving it too as they partied in the corner of the stage.

Now back at the hotel to wind down after what has been an exhausting but hugely exhilarating day. Really happy with how the show went tonight.  Providence fans know how to party!!

Dyro d:0)"

Photo Credit: Joep van Aert