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Hardwell's Boston recount of Revealed North America Bus Tour with Dannic and Dyro

DJ Mag is like a DJ in itself, we never skip a beat when it comes to ensuring our readers catch every moment of Revealed on Tour starring Hardwell, Dannic and Dyro. We've brought you up-to-date front and backstage antics, mixes, free tickets and an ongoing Jockey Journal. 

If you missed Hardwell’s first entry or prior journal entries from Dannic or Dyro then go back, catch up and continue onward with more musings from Hardwell's latest Jockey Journal, below:

04/16/2014   House Of Blues Boston, MA

"Massachusetts biggest city gave us the biggest welcome and one of the maddest parties ever last night!! What a Revealed party that was...still tingling from the buzz of it. I can’t believe that was even real!? So, so, so much fun, it’s really hard to describe in words. 2500 party people were going absolutely nuts last night. Dannic’s show was really amazing. His delivery for dropping the right tunes at the right time is truly magical to watch. 

I wanted to fill my set with some rare edits I had from some early studio sessions I did at the start of the year. I managed to get one or two in there which the crowd loved. I've been working really hard on each of my sets throughout this tour so it means so much when the crowd’s reaction just lifts the whole atmosphere to another level. I wanted to make this bus tour as special as I possibly could and create a unique set for each of the shows was one of the core ways I can make this possible. I want to keep the crowd guessing at every point of my set.

My boy Dyro raised his own game last night to another level. He played some big records and had the crowd eating out of his hand with some of the mad drops and basslines he was throwing in there. Good to see that both him and Dannic are making full use of the sound system at these shows...but at this rate we might get billed for replacement speakers if we keep pushing the levels, haha! 

Whilst we travelled from Syracuse to Boston I used the time available to put together this week's installment of my radio show, Hardwell On Air. I've been sent some fantastic music lately so it’s been quite a challenge trying to fit them all in this week's show but I'm confident I’ve picked the right records to give you guys something special to tune into. I also received some really exciting news whilst on the bus that my Facebook page is now up to 5 million 'likes' – wow - I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank the fans again for all the support; love you guys! It has been really cool sharing the tour with you on the website – we’ve been getting great feedback from all of you about the pictures and videos we’ve been posting. I’m really glad we decided to launch the site and I’m looking forward to using it more in the future shows because it gives us a great platform to share what we’re up to.

Next up Providence...let's go!! 

Hardwell x"

Photo Credit: Joep van Aert