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Hardwell’s first entry from his Revealed Tour with Dannic and Dyro

DJ Mag ensures you don’t miss a moment of Revealed on Tour starring Hardwell, Dannic and Dyro with you up-to-date front and backstage antics, mixes and a this Jockey Journal from the man himself, Hardwell. Read his first entry below:

"So here first entry into the official Revealed On Tour jockey journal with DJ Mag and what is there to say about the opening show of our second ever Revealed Bus Tour but =  WOW!!!

What a start that was and such an amazing reception from the crowd last night that the hairs on the back my neck are still standing on end. Absolutely loved every minute of it; was so much fun! Having breakfast with the guys earlier and each of us were just grinning from ear-to-ear. 

It’s been a crazy few weeks leading up to this tour because we were putting preparations together for our Revealed party in Miami, as well as all working on our music for Miami and Ultra, on top of planning for this bus tour. But I’m really pleased to see all our hard work come together like it did last night as the crowd were just incredible and so up for it.

So we landed in Minneapolis on Thursday after a 9 hour flight from Amsterdam and all headed over to join up with the bus, which took us to our hotel. We’ll be touring the US over the next 10 days as we take in a bunch of places that we normally don’t get to travel to so much but will give us a chance to connect with a whole new group of fans. It’s been really cool so far because Dannic, Dyro and I have all been chatting with fans from these regions and there seems to be so much love for dance music and Revealed in each of these areas. I’m really excited to be taking our music to places like Lansing, Syracuse, Buffalo, Bethlehem, Columbus, Providence, State College. I know we’re all looking forward to soaking up what’s happening in these areas and meeting fans on the road. As the tour moves from city-to-city each of us will be keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening on the road through our official where you’ll be able to find exclusive videos and updates - so keep tuning in. We’ll also be hitting our Twitter and Facebook pages too so keep an eye out there as well. 

After we chilled out at the hotel we all handed to the club to do a short soundcheck and then went for our first Revealed meal of the trip. We were spoilt for choice but we all went for the double porter house steak which was just nuts; check out the page to see a video of it – it was delicious! 

Leaving the restaurant severely full, we all went back to the hotel to rest for an hour or so and start preparing for the nights gig. At the club the warm-up dj played some really cool tech/deep house to get the early vibe flowing. We watched for a while and then headed backstage to do some interviews and hit a few Jäger shots pre-show. My boy Dannic was the first of the Revealed team on stage. As ever he got the crowd rocking. His set included a bunch of new tracks such as his latest release ‘Dear Life’ as well as his new single Merk & Kremont which will be out on the label soon.

I took over from Dannic’s set. As we was flying over I decided to make use of the time and finish some mash-ups and edits I’d been working on for the tour. In all I think I used about 12 or 13 of them during my set, as well as tested so new tracks which the crowd went crazy for. I had such a fun night DJing and really loved the interaction with the crowd. Everyone was singing and cheering which just lifted the atmosphere to another level.

Next up after me was Dyro who played the closing set of the night and also had a set filled with new music– he said he played 5 of his new tracks. You can see a video of the reaction to his set on the social page; gives you an idea of the wild atmosphere that was going off in that room last night!!

We’re on the road now heading to Milwaukee for the next show which is at the city’s Eagles Ballroom. Travelling by bus has given us a little time to breathe, chill out and also test the bus’ studio monitors which I’ve got to say are very loud and sick!! 

Let’s go for round two....

Hardwell x" 


Video from the Revealed Tour Instagram.

Photo Credit: Joep van Aert