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The on-the-road diary of the world's top DJs treading the globe

What happens on tour doesn't always stay on tour. Aside from making his name as one of Europe's most wanted house talents worldwide over the past 12 months, the Diynamic boss is also known as being one of the most playful in the game. Laid back, cheerful and always up for a laugh, Hamburg's Bosnian-born boogie-loving selector is regarded as an affable gentle giant by those who know him, so we asked him to spill the beans...

“There are much worse places to work than Brazil. Besides the extremely nice people, the good food and top parties, it is first of all: perfectly warm. And that’s why you can truly envy everybody from Brazil. Like me, for example; since I also belong to this kind of people who can feel inner warmth in connection to outer warmth. Especially Warung feels like family to me by now, my second home, in Brasil, where I've played already, like, ten times. And it has always been magic. But the atmosphere on the 10th birthday was hard to describe: super nice colleagues as Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Art Department and Dubfire, who I not only respect as artists but also appreciate as people.”

“For me, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in Europe, if not in the world. Orient and Occident – east and west – meet in one city and somehow clash, it’s really fascinating. But what’s even more thrilling is the hospitality of the Turkish people. I went with one of my best friends. He is Greek. Me, I am Croatian. But we both had to admit begrudgingly that in terms of hospitality no other country could hold a candle to the Turks. And also at Club Indigo, we were having a ball and – just between ourselves – we were drinking a little too much.”

“Hamburg still is one of the most beautiful places in Germany. Especially in the winter time. Traditions in Germany are still alive. Like our traditional Diynamic Christmas Party in my club EGO. Always on 26th December, no matter if next day is a work day, we celebrate. And also the warm-up distinguishes from all other parties of the year: a traditional Bosnian banquet with all artists at Mother Solomun’s place. And due to the fact that the Bosnian cuisine is not known for their lightness, we had to handle this with a few tactical Rakis.

“But what also belongs to a decent Christmas Party? Of course Santa Claus with a bag of gifts. Traditionally the choice fell to me. And it’s always great to see how happy people are, if they get a nice christmas gift. And I don’t know if anyone of you tried to walk during prime time across a dancefloor – with coat, cap and a packed bag of christmas gifts – but everybody who's done it will know it's a very special moment. And although I had my rod with me and was willing and able to use it, everybody kept assuring me that they had been well-behaved throughout this year. OK, sometimes you just have to take peoples' word...”

“There are just few places in the UK where you have as much fun as working in Manchester. And I can really say this, 'cause at the end of December I had the pleasure to play at Sankeys two nights in a row. David Vincent, the chief of the club, came up with that unconventional idea and although I was very sceptical at the beginning I was very happy to make it.
It meant I had the very rare pleasure of enjoying two slammin' parties one after the other with great people and great energy – and didn’t have to travel in the meantime. So much for my on-the-road-diary...”