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The purple prince is back!

The famed Bristolian producer is back with a new single 'Midnight' in anticipation of his new album, which is due on his own label Kapsize 16th February. 

The hugely anticipated album is set to be some of the producer's most mature work yet, he styles it as his "A/W Collection", stating: "I want everybody to listen to it once from start to finish, in their whip, in their yard, in their studio, going for a run whatever… 'cos that’s how I intended to bring people into my world." 

The album features vocals from Sam Smith, Zak Abel (whose debut album will be 100% produced by Joker), and Rochelle — winner of the Dutch X Factor? Grime MCs are conspicuously absent, but we're sure he will return to that in good time. 

'Midnight' features some great J-Lo samples as well as Joker's signature purple bass, supported by larger than life orchestral flourishes and euphoric rave leads. The guitar lick-based bridge is a great addition as well — sublime work all round.

We can't wait for the album! Listen below:

Joker 'The Mainframe' tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Boss Mode
03. Wise Enough (feat. Zak Abel)
04. Midnight
05. An Intervening Episode
06. Lucy (feat. Sam Frank)
07. Scene 1 (Qo,noS)
08. Scene 2 (Neon City)
09. Scene 3 (Spirit Ruins)
10. Mahogany
11. Love (feat. Rochelle Perts)
12. Fuzz Bop
13. Mixed Emotions