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Download a free mix from Birmingham’s house DJ on the rise

It's been a dramatic rise for Birmingham house music lover, Arun Verone. Having started making various forms of UKG over a decade ago, it was a chain of events that took him to label House Entertainment UK just 12 months ago that have really seen him and his music break through into a flourishing underground scene. A producer and DJ at a time when the industry is awash with them in their masses, only the very best can rise above the competition and reach the top. Verone has achieved this through a bass-driven, skippy sound that has set him apart from his contemporaries. Now partnered up with former BBC Radio 1's DJ Q's record label for his forthcoming release, it looks like the next 12 months are set to be as exciting as the last.

Get to know Arun Verone after his exclusive DJ Mag mix below.

What’s the house scene in the Midlands like? 
It's certainly growing in the Midlands. There's a lot of very talented artists here but with it being so small, it's very difficult to excel outside of the area and into where the house scene is more predominant.

When did you first fall in love with house music enough to want to start making it, and how did your signing to House Entertainment UK come about? 
I have always listened to house music throughout my childhood. But as far as house production and mixing go, I've only been involved thoroughly for 12 months. I first fell in love with house when I heard a Jamie Jones' Boiler Room set. From then on, it became my passion -- as I enjoy experimenting and exploring different sounds. I joined House Entertainment UK in March 2013 and was instantly among the top names in the underground house scene.

What’s your set-up with House Entertainment UK/Inner City Records?
I'm part of the main structure and heavily involved with the House Entertainment UK DJ agency and record label. Being one of the spearheaded labels in the underground scene, this was a certain move for myself to open the door for my unique style of house music. Inner City Records were drawn in by one of my tracks called 'Inside Of Me', which is now due for release digitally and on wax in April 2014. Releasing on Inner City has been a very positive move, as it has given me access to a wider and completely audience.

What equipment do you use?
I was bound to Fruity Loops since 2004, when I originally started making music -- or trying to, at least [laughs]. Now, though, I've progressed to Logic 10 and, more recently, Ableton. They're great for creating wired electronic drum patterns and I love mixing it up with a deep sub-bassline to create the sound I'm renowned for.

What can people expect from an Arun Verone set, and which one track do you play that is guaranteed to get the crowd hype?
I have a different selection of Arun Verone tracks but one that always sets the mood is 'Get Together'. This is one of my more popular house tracks and always seems to set the pace of my set. I never ever pre-select tunes for a set. I've always gone with the rule that you can't pre-plan how a crowd is gonna react, so you have to use the energy you visually see and how your heart feels when you look out at the crowd. It also helps with giving that element of surprise.

What’s been the proudest moment of your life/career to date?
My proudest moment of my life was defiantly becoming a dad -- nothing could beat that. Musically, the proudest moment has to be bringing in the 2014 at The O2 Arena in Leicester. That was my first ever New Year's set and the crowd was awesome! I don’t think I have heard so many people go crazy for one tune. Especially one of mine [laughs].

What’s next for you?
I've got the This Is It (Get It Together) EP out on the April 21 through DJ Q's Q Recordings label. As well as that, there's a VIP mix on the EP and two other tracks, 'The Coming' and 'Short From Change'. People will be hearing that real soon across the UK and in Ibiza.

Words: James Walsh