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Junglists Pendulum launch new label

Notorious trio <B>Pendulum</B> are launching a new record label appropriately named <B>Earstorm</B>.

Known for their controversial melding of hard rock and metal with tough drum and bass, the Australian trio have proven highly popular while simultaneously catching some flack from the purists for their rock leanings. They caused a stir in 2005 when they unleashed their debut album 'Hold Your Colour', a critical and commercial success that went on to become one of the most successful d&b albums ever.

Teaming up with a trio of major labels, Earstorm will be distributed in the UK by Warner and in the States by Atlantic prior to their own sophomore album release. They are also to join forces with Chrysalis Music Publishing.

Before leaving their mentor Adam F's Breakbeat Kaos label, they'll be dropping a final farewell single, 'Bloodsugar', which will be available as a special edition vinyl or download only single track.

The junglist metallers have also been confirmed to play the headline slot in Glastonbury's dance tent, undoubtedly winning them a new swathe of fans. This will be a rare live show before they embark on a tour to promote their next album at the end of the year.