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Keeping Pace

Pacemaker Competition!

Can you handle the pace? The Pacemaker, that is: a revolutionary new DJ tool that's already causing seismic ructions within the dance music community with its futuristic brilliance. Small enough to slip into your back pocket, but powerful enough to win the hearts and feet of the biggest dancefloor, the Pacemaker is everything you need to mix like a professional in the palm of your hand. Like an iPod or MP3 player, but with two virtual 'decks', the Pacemaker allows you to rock a party without the rigmarole of lugging CDJs, mixer, and all the peripherals about.

And it's not just like your bog standard iPod mixing device: Pacemaker has outputs, crossfader, headphone cue mixing, EQ control, effects, filtering and looping controls which could compete with the sturdiest CD decks. With intuitive, touch sensitive operation, its remarkably responsive, meaning beginners and experts alike are able to manipulate their music as much or as little as they like. So it's amazing, right? It gets better: Pacemaker are giving away the prize of a lifetime in a special competition.

They're offering a trip to Barcelona's spectacular and innovative Sonar Festival for one lucky winner and a mate, with full VIP access to the event, and two Pacemaker devices and kits. What they want you to do is hit up the Pacemaker site, download the Pacemaker editor, get to grips with it, and create your best mix, for upload to the site. The best mix will be judged by two famous dance music luminaries, to be confirmed. Runners-up can also win a Pacemaker and exclusive kit. The competition runs from 11th April to 31st May. It's the comp to end them all, so get practicing! And stay tuned to the Pacemaker site for more info!