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Merle kicks off with a kickstarter

A Kickstater campaign to raise money for a repressing of Merle’s rare self-released ‘2000 (And We’re Still Here)’ EP has just 55 hours to go.

With Joy Orbison featuring one of the EP’s tracks, ‘Fannie Likes 2 Dance’, on his recent Essential Mix, the campaign was started after popular demand for the EP. Contributors will receive a credit on the vinyl sleeve, as well as a copy of the record and a digital download card.
Merle is the alter-ego of Merwyn Saunders, the Chicago artist who released seminal tracks on Larry Sherman’s Trax label as part of Virgo Four (listen to the sublime ‘Do You Know Who You Are?’) and on Trax sub-label Saber as part of Ace & The Sandman (responsible for the equally excellent ‘Let Your Body Talk’.)
To donate to the Kickstarter or find out more click here.