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Kid Massive goes large

Win new album and guestlist to Proud2

Danish dance producer Kid Massive has been through a number of incarnations, but it's his 'A Little Louder' album (released last week on Transmission Records) which is his biggest statement of intent so far. Featuring 12 full vocal tracks for big room discos, it's a calling card to the US, where his sound is currently sweeping up, and a preview of his appearance at Kinky Malinky at Proud2 this Saturday 10th March. We have two pairs of tickets to give away to attend, plus two signed copies of the album and two Kid Massive t-shirts, details after our interview with Mr Massive himself...

'A Little Louder' consists entirely of vocal belters. How did you hook up with everyone and why did you take this route rather than featuring any instrumentals?

“I have always loved vocals and really enjoy working with singers as they add that extra dimension to a production. It's also easier to create a catchy, memorable tune if vocals are involved, rather than relying solely on an instrumental backing which has to be truly outstanding for it to make its mark. I really wanted to challenge myself making this album, which is why I tried to do something different by utilising a wide range of singers. Peyton, Sam Obernik and Mr Wilson I already knew from the house scene, Mark Le Sal was suggested to me by my publishing company and we clicked instantly. I sought out Jay Colin after listening to his track on the Funkerman album and Sophia J and ragga artist Face J are friends of friends.

What are you tips for a successful vocal collaboration? How do you make sure that you have that magic in the studio?

“Work with someone who knows their craft! I always have an idea or vocal reference in mind before starting a session but ultimately I leave it up to the singer to do what they think works best. Of course I guide them on it but it's their expertise that I'm relying on to create something truly dynamic - rather than me just telling them what to do. Choosing a singer who can actually hit notes is also a big must - there's nothing worse than spending hours tweaking and auto tuning! It really kills the creative energy and makes for a stale vocal performance.”

Can you give us a little of your production history? There's a story we take it behind your name. You might also need to explain what hooligan house is, something your bio says you used too make!

“I actually used to play drum and bass back in the day when it was called jungle. I went by the name DJ Massive but found myself moving more towards house and techno and thought a change was in order. I’ve always been a massive fan of hip-hop and NYC based DJ Kid Capri was one of my early heroes, so I just added Kid in front of Massive and hey presto! Hooligan house was a phrase used to describe the UK act Audio Bullys, and the electro clash project I started called Geeza was very similar in sound and attitude to what those guys where doing, hence the term.”

What's next? Are you hoping to break America?

“Absolutely! The US is a notoriously difficult market to break into but it's all exploded over there and lots of people are picking up on my music, so I think it's just a matter of time - I have full confidence in my product and sound. I'm also working on some exciting projects with other producers and singers from that side of the pond which will hopefully make an impact. And what's next for me in general; my album tour kicks off shortly with dates in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia and I've got some massive (of course) new tracks lined up for this year. Stay tuned!”

For your chance to see Kid Massive at Proud2 this weekend email your answer to the following question to [email protected] with your name and a contact phone number, plus the words 'Massive competition' in the subject line. We will pick two winners at random on Friday morning.

How big is jungle?

Kinky Malinki

Saturday 10th March 2012 at Proud2, The 02, London
D’Ramirez, Kid Massive, Alex Kenji, and Marco Lys
10pm – 7am