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This month's essential tunes


London's Deadboy isn't the most prolific of producers. Last time we heard from him, it was 2011, with the enigmatic, bass-injected house of 'HERE', also for Numbers. But we're still more than interested. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen. And this new monster four-tracker only affirms the brilliance we first heard on his 2009 debut for Well Rounded, 'U Cheated', which pushed the garage and UK funky templates as far as they could go without relying on tiresome tropes.

Things have changed in dance land since, with many bass heads moving closer to the comforting familiarity of 4/4. Deadboy has too, (for the most part), but his take is far more exciting than the majority of others working in a similar vein. 'On Your Mind' employs auto-tuned robo voxes to trill the title hook, slapping 'em over a lush, bubbling electrofunk bassline that's pure '80s boogie, like some forgotten freestyle classic from Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, via modern dubbed-out house production and rush-activating breakdowns. 'Geek'd Up' is a darkside pump of early '90s NYC sleaze, its strobelit stabs and grubby vocal sample accentuating the dirt; 'Black Reign' is a skipping paranoid garage caper. It's 'Nova' that will really shock, though: a dose of perfect, vintage drum & bass that nods to Deadboy's musical roots and love of the likes of Omni Trio, Foul Play and Photek.

Chopped breaks and sub bass booms clatter over a mournful synth figure and distant reverbed voices, adding a touch of modernity. Another stunning release, maybe his best. Don't keep us waiting next time Deadboy!

Nubian Mindz
'TV Watches You EP'
Phuture Shock Musik

Colin Lindo is a veteran producer whose drum & bass records for Reinforced as Alpha Omega, not to mention diverse, bass-powered tunes for Rush Hour, Delsin and Irma, have made indelible dents on dancefloors over the years, while he's stayed under the radar.

This new EP is destined to be another underground damager — principally for 'Many Poly', a 4/4-powered houser with an avalanche of junglist breaks chopped to smithereens providing its polyrhythmic percussion, not to mention an evil, coruscating synth that needles at your brainpan.

'Hyperreality EP'

The essence of rave distilled into seven tunes guaranteed to induce outbreaks of bruxism across the globe, this demonic dispatch from Paris' Club Cheval collective member Panteros666 is an instant club powderkeg for those who like their beats hard and futuristic.

While the title track wouldn't sound out of place on a Belgian R&S release from '92, with its gigantic neon stabs, 'Olymp X' manages to conflate 'Zombie Nation' style trance and trap — and makes it work. Teeth-grinding madness.

Loverdose & CJ Hartmann
'Alone In Silence feat Mz Sunday (No Artificial Colours Remix)'

The original might be moody cosmic funk featuring the dulcet vocals of Mz Sunday, but flip it over and you'll find a fully primed slice of dancefloor goodness courtesy of the No Artificial Colours duo. Keeping the smoky refrain but beefed-up with a bassline ripped straight from a MAW masterclass, this cheeky cut is top-notch peak-time fodder for those who like it druggy, deep, but nice and chunky.

'Untitled Love'
Prime Numbers

Aside from a remix series last year, Vietnamese talent Adesse is something of an unknown quantity. Making an even bigger dent with this on Trus Me's Prime Numbers label, the A-side to 'PN 20' is a raw, swirling roller with a dark, brooding groove. Layered with clattering steel percussion and a haunting vocal loop, Chicago house meets NY garage on 'Untitled Love', rousing the ghost of Larry Levan in the process.

Annie Errez
'Deeper Knowledge EP'
Saints & Sonnets

Leeds' club scene spits out yet another distinctive young talent in the shape of System resident Annie Errez. Deep bass electronics to lock the dancefloor, the ace woozy early hours headtrip of the title cut is matched by the techy, dubbed-out narcosis of 'Wait For You'. Mr G then steps up with military precision to turn 'Marching' into a rough, peak-time foot-stomper, topped off for tops-off with a finale of rave whoops.

Roman Flügel
'Even More'
Clone Jack For Daze

Every Jack For Daze release could make this page, such is the raw, unadulterated energy behind the label, but when you have one half of Alter Ego on the case, you know it's party time. Powered by skippy hats, a rubbery top line and cow bells, 'Even More' is a straight-up jacker, while 'More&More&More' is equally caffeinated, bouncing off the wall with reverbing claps and a chant of “Move that body, work that body”. With Serge & Tyrell offering three remixes on top, this is straight gangster.