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Korg release Monopoly version of their Mono/Poly app: Watch

And it's not an April Fool's…

Korg have released a Monopoly board game skin for their popular Mono/Poly app. Originally announced on March 31st, many thought the new-look update was an early April Fool’s, but users found the new design waiting in their updated app.

It uses the colour scheme, design and icons from the legendary board game, as well as updading the X/Y section and modulation routing sections. There’s even a new randomiser function in the form of two dice that will change your settings with a tap.

Although the sound of the app remains the same, it’s a fun update from Korg who’ve been more creative with their iOS offerings in recent times. Whether it will result in the same family feuds on Christmas day remains to be seen. The update is free and available now but only for iPad.