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Kozmophone is the new revolutionary wireless phonograph

Kickstarter brings the holographic, bluetooth turntable to life...

Kozmophone, the new holographic, bluetooth turntable has launched on Kickstarter.

The project has already achieved its target many times over, currently resting on $155,767 worth of public pledges.

Boasting a belt-driven turntable, fully-adjustable tone arm with counterweight and Audio Technica AT 91 cartridge, the new invention updates the analogue phonograph for a digital-loving generation.

It also includes wireless smartphone charging capability as well as bluetooth connectivity — so you can play music from your phone as well as vinyl.

The built in speaker can turn 360 degrees as well as being fully portable too, "so you can listen from anywhere in the room."

According to its promo video, “We’ve all inherited something, whether it’s looks, tastes, hobbies, passions, Thomas Edison has left us one of the greatest inventions of all time – the phonograph.”

It's available in piano black, pearl white, brilliant red, laguna blue, kickstarter green, sunshine yellow and as a special 18k gold edition.

A "super early bird" product is available from $249 now.