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Kraftwerk perform with astronaut on International Space Station: Watch

A performance that’s out of this world...

Kraftwerk’s latest collaboration saw them play live with an astronaut on the International Space Station. You can watch the performance below.

The German electronic icons finished their Jazz Open Festival set at the weekend (20th July) with the collaboration, which saw an astronaut on the International Space Station join the band to play a virtual synth on a tablet via video call.

The astronaut, Alexander Gerst, also German, used the software to play out ‘Spacelab’ from the band’s 1978 album, ‘The Man Machine’, in front of 7,500 people at the festival in Stuttgart – which is undoubtedly a world’s first.

Their live in-orbit performance may have presented a handful of time-related hiccups, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed by Kraftwerk, who scooped a Grammy earlier this year for their LP, '3-D The Catalogue', which was recognised as the Best Dance/Electronic Album.

They’ve recently been touring the world with an impressive audio-visual show, ‘Kraftwerk 3D’, and will continue to take it to Dimensions and Lollapalooza Berlin where they headline in August and September.

(Words: Laura FitzPatrick)