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On 19th July

For the first time in dance history, Larry Levan’s famed birthday bash will take place outside of New York, with London’s Ministry of Sound the new chosen venue for the legendary party on 19th July.

The day to night affair kicks off in the afternoon, moving inside from 6pm until midnight. Ministry will pair NYC street food with a backdrop of Paradise Garage residents including David DePino and Joey Llanos, as well as respected DJ and producer, Francois K, plus much loved UK duo, The 2 Bears.

As night falls, room 103 will be serviced by British house names including old skool favourites Heller & Farley, as well as MOS co-founder Justin Berkmann, Ricky Morrison, and Jeremy Newall. Midnight Riot Records will be spinning in the Baby Box with Rayko, Fingerman and more.

10% of the proceeds from the event will go to AIDS charity GMHC with tickets from £12. The Larry Levan Birthday Bash will run from 2pm until midnight on the 19th July at Ministry of Sound, London.

Tickets here. 

The Courtyard: NYC street food BBQ 2pm – 6pm

Francois Kevorkian,
 David DePino & Joey Llanos, The 2 Bears (special disco set)

103: 4pm – Close

Larry’s House, Heller & Farley, Noel Watson, Jeremy Newall, 
Justin Berkmann, 
Ricky Morrison

The Baby Box: 6pm – Close
The Sound of Midnight Riot, 
Rayko, Fingerman, 
Yam Who?, Judge Funk, Magnier/House of Disco, Leo Zero