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Feat. Rodamaal and Manoo & Francois A

In March, we reported Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly label would run its course as an archive-only label following its last ever release this month.

And here it is. An unreleased double A-side package dusted off from the Buzzin' Fly vaults (out now).

The work of Rocco, Darkmountaingroup's Alex Santos and Manoo under the name Rodamaal, 'Fortune' is a dark, squelchy 303 techno work-out with a deep sub-bass underbelly originally compiled in 2007, but held back for scheduling reasons.

'Other Places' by Manoo & Francois A is another tune lucky to see the light of day, quite literally. Made in 2005, it's a bright, summery house stomper with breezy synth tones and clattering 909 percussion that works as the perfect foil to the visceral sludge of 'Fortune'.

So there you have it, the end of an era. One last hit from the Buzzin' Fly bong before it flies away for good, but what a swan song it is! Listen below and buy your copy HERE...