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The Last Skeptik interview

DJMag talk DMC and DJing with celebrated beatmaker

With the DMC UK DJ Final and Battle just weeks away, DJs all around the UK are getting ready for the event.

The Last Skeptik, who is set to perform at the competition and has the album 'How Not To Make A Living' with MC Rewd Adams forthcoming, is quite excited.

How would you describe your musical style?
"A whole bunch of madness."

Who are your

biggest influences?
"DJ Premier, Damon Albarn, Chopin, and Harvey Birdman."

Have you ever competed at the DMC UK DJ Final before?
"I wish I were at that level but alas, nah! One day maybe if I spend less time making beats and more time practicing cutting, then maybe."

For the first time this year, DJs will be allowed to utilize computer technology at the DJ Battle. How does this change the competition?
"It really opens up the competition to a whole spectrum of new ideas for DJs. They can utilize effects, bigger catalogues of music and even more of their own remixes or exclusiveness. DMC has always moved with the times, and now they've raised the bar again."

Can the use of computer technology diminish the competitions credibility?
"Nah, I think it was just the right time to change the way the competition was run. Vinyl will always be important, and using it even as control records for Serato or Traktor will always be paramount."

How has computer technology changed DJing for you?
"It's saved my back from permanent damage from carrying records. That’s the most important change."

What are you working on now?
"Currently just finishing up my collaborative album with rapper Rewd Adams, we're about 8 tracks in to it at the moment and its sounding bonkers."

Do you have any upcoming shows/album releases?
"As well as my album 'How Not To Make A Living' with Rewd Adams, I’ve just finished my solo instrumental album, and you should also watch for a mixtape I’ve just done with Awate. I've got tons of shows. Look out for me spinning at the Doctor's Orders Boat Party with Statik Selektah on July 2nd, Knew Knowledge on the 12th at CAMP, and I'm hosting Livin Proof on the last Saturday of every month. Keep checking for shows and downloads."

Do you have anything special planned for DMC?
"Of course me and Rewd Adams are doing a special preview set of tracks from our new record. Bigg up to Sally for letting us come down and do our thing!"

Who are you excited to see perform?
"Definitely looking forward to seeing the legendary X-Ecutioners doing a special tribute set for the late great Roc Raida."

Who do you tip to win this year?
"I'm gonna stay diplomatic and side with not mentioning anyone! There's a lot of talented people up for the title of UK Champ this year, good luck to them all."