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Laying Down the Law

Steve Lawler turns Lights Out for WMC

Miami's Park West (formerly Stereo, next to Space) is the setting for Steve Lawler's Lights Out party on 27th March at the Winter Music Conference. The DJ/producer has really pulled out the stops for the latest installment in the long-running, cutting-edge party's history. Reflecting his move closer to the techier side of house, Lawler's guest DJs include Audiofly, Clive Henry, Jamie Jones and Romania's rising stars Livio & Roby.

Lawler is particularly stoked about the latest Lights Out.

"The Lights Out party is exactly that - the room is dark so you can get lost in the music. Lights Out is not about glitz or glamour, It's simply about getting lost in the music. I am proud that it's our seventh year and we're now one of the longest-running events at Winter Music Conference. I change venues every year to bring something fresh." For some proper rave action this is the place to be at WMC.

On the production side, look out for Lawler's latest cuts '21st Century Ketchup' – just signed to Dubfire's (Ali Shirazinia) Sci + Tec label – and 'Femme Fatale' due on Ovum. Both will be aired in Miami.