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Ralph Lawson to launch Beat, Leeds' new loft party/restaurant concept

In a bid to introduce Leeds' clubhardy folk to better standards of dining, 2020Vision boss Ralph Lawson has teamed up with top Yorkshire chef Tom Van Zeller to launch Beat; a series of one-off events in Leeds starting on Friday 22nd March.

Attaching a loft party to the end of a fine dining restaurant sitting, Beat will take place at various bespoke locations; the first of which will boast a top-floor bar with panoramic views over the city. The bar opens at 7pm and dinner is served at 8pm, followed by a party featuring Ralph Lawson and The Garage's Tristan Da Cunha on the decks between 10pm and 2am.

According to Lawson, he's teamed up with Hi Life/Oliver Award-winning Van Zeller to bring good food to Leeds in a way similar to how he helped bring rave to the city in the early '90s.

We wanted to create a place where we would like to go out ourselves,” said Lawson.” I travel all over the world as a DJ and have the privilege to eat at many great restaurants. It was really inspirational to see what was going on in cities like London and New York with food and I felt a city like Leeds deserved to have a better scene. It is a very similar feeling to when we started the Back To Basics club for house music in 1991 – we were tired of driving over to Manchester for the Hacienda and wanted our own place in town.”

Each event will have its own special three-course menu devised and cooked by Van Zeller in a carefully designed diner, with Jane Lawson helping out with décor.

Tickets, which include dinner and loft party entrance, are £30. Entry for loft party only is £10.