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Less Is More

A choccie box selection of tips and hints...

Colour of the month… Gold or Silver. You need a bit of bling in the winter months. However, we're opting for the slightly tarnished versions, think bashed and beveled and ever so slightly disheveled.

Clarks Originals… This is a subliminal message. Clarks Originals are actually quite cool. We rather like the comfy suede and muted colours of their desert boots and 'cornish pastie' wannabes.

Jules alert… Not content with conducting entirely massive main rooms with his hard, euphoric anthems and appreciative loyal followers, Judge Jules releases a collection of t-shirts. They're not the quietest ones we've ever seen but then, neither is Julesy.

Motel Rocks… Dress up for a jolly good dressing down. That's what we say. Motel put out simple, sweet girly clothes at very happy prices. Perfect for pressies and great for a treat to yourself or your special friend.

Ulybug… Jonathan Ulysses joins the list of DJs dipping into the fun, fickle world of fashion with his own clothing range Ulybug. Coming in ladies vests and men's t-shirts with a trancey bug-like character on the front.

Cardi action… We did give you plenty of warning last year that the cardigan was going to be one of absolute musts this season, probably edging into next spring and beyond as well. Any type goes especially the ones with hand stitched elbow pads, just like your grandpa's.