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Life On Planets did a special exclusive mix for DJ Mag....

Life On Planets are a duo that met in the studio lofts of their east coast hometown, whereby a collaboration fusing indie artrock and electronic music began to take shape. It was a pairing of two dramatically different personas, merging as one for a serendipitous, romantic sound that's now been signed to the Double Standard label.

Life On Planets have recently released an EP 'A Public Affair' which has been hugely popular, with 25,000 listens on soundcloud in just two weeks! The group have been signed to the label Wolf + Lamb which is home to the likes of Soul Clap, No Regular Play, Deniz Kurtel, Slow Hands, Wolf + Lamb, Voices Of Black and more.      

To celebrate the success of this EP, Life On Planets have done a mix for DJ Mag which you can listen to below. The mix has some really cool tracks in it and great smooth transitions. Our highlight of the mix is when the Hot Chip remix of Foals 'My Number' is introduced...