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The producer jets out to space with a one-off release for Sleep / Walk / Listen.

The recently launched project, Sleep / Walk / Listen, was created with the aim of bringing the worlds of visual art and electronic music closer together. Each of the label’s partnerships pairs a visual artist and producer together to “elevate the role of visual arts within electronic music”. We’re not quite convinced here at DJ Mag that cover art is a novel concept in 2015 but we can’t fault the high quality of the music and nice looking artwork that’s accompanied each of the label’s releases thus far.

Sleep / Walk / Listen’s fourth partnership is no exception, featuring a collaboration between LA based producer John Tejada, a Kompakt stalwart, and visual artist David Grey. For the SWL004 partnership, Tejada delved into his DAT archive of '90s productions, creating a mix of 15 pieces of unreleased material. 'Silver Fears', a track taken from this selection, is a slice of cosmic techno that's punctuated by blasts of phaser beam synths and 303 squelches.

The full partnership is out via Sleep / Walk / Listen this Thursday 27th August. /