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Live & Kicking: Klingande

Klingande, the talented producer behind one of the hottest summer anthems ‘Jubel’, opens up about adventure, friendship and ‘The Album’ that will finally show the world exactly who he is…

In his own life, Cédric Steinmyller plays two roles. There’s the quiet, observant young man, whose crystal blue eyes peer downward as he speaks. And then there is Klingande, the sensational commercial house icon who dominates the decks with the same confident ferocity that’s made him one to watch since 2012. When we connect with him during Miami Music Week, we meet both personas. Though seemingly shy upon introduction, Steinmyller possesses a friendly and relaxed demeanor. “It’s very easy to connect with people here,” he tells DJ Mag. “It’s one of the best times of the year.” He feels at home in South Beach, and for good reason. The day is both a homecoming and a reunion; in a few hours he will appear on a line-up alongside collaborators and longtime friends like Chicago-based trio, Autograf, and South African live house duo, Goldfish. Our casual meeting at The

Sagamore Hotel precedes the fifth annual installment of Klingande’s Playground, a high-energy pool party that has become a destination for live music lovers during this ‘holy week’ for all things EDM. Steinmyller excuses himself early from lunch, his plate littered with leftover pizza crusts. “I have to go to my room to work on my set now,” he says through his thick French accent. He is on a mission. When he reappears at dusk, it will be in the form of the dauntless DJ we’ve only ever witnessed from deep within the crowd. Klingande found fame fast. The 27-year-old producer and DJ emerged a phenomenon after his hit track ‘Jubel’ defined the sound of the summer in 2014. To date, the smooth-as-silk, sax-heavy single has accumulated over 200 million views on YouTube, with a combined 250 million streams on Spotify and SoundCloud to boot. The uplifting groove continues to garner tens of thousands of streams on Spotify each month, with those numbers darting even higher during warmer seasons.

But Steinmyller will be the first to admit that a lot has changed since ‘Jubel’ became Europe’s most Shazamed track, landing in the number one spot in 30 different countries. Formerly a production duo, Klingande is now a solo endeavor. Between this transition and the playing of more than 500 shows since 2014, Steinmyller’s artistic process inevitably evolved. Singles alone can no longer tell this artist’s tale. Five years later, he has a more complete story to share, and it’s called ‘The Album’. He cracks a modest smile when we ask him about his boldly-titled passion project. “This is the album I’ve talked about so much, ever since I began making music years ago,” Steinmyller shares. “By listening, fans are really going to get to know me better and understand everything I’ve done so far.”