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Loopmasters introduce Loopcloud 2.0

The second incarnation of the cloud-connected sample app has arrived…

Loopmasters have introduced Loopcloud 2.0 – a cloud-connected app and plugin that allows you to browse the Loopmasters catalogue directly from your DAW. Loopcloud lets users preview samples in real-time, sync'd to the project tempo. It will also sync metadata like bpm, key and sample type, or you can search the whole catalogue for a particular tag or sound.

There's a new auto-key function which pitch-shifts the entire Loopmasters library to the same key as your project. You can process the samples through EQ, saturation or any other VST or AU plugin you want, all before you buy them, to make sure they work with your track. 

Each sample is also stored in the cloud once you buy them, so you don't hve to fill up your hard drive, though there is the option to download if you want to work offline. There's also up to 150 free samples a week so you can try out the platform right away. It's free to download, with no subscription and samples are bought using a credits system. Find out more in the video below. 

The Loopcloud concept promises a lot, and it's no surprise it's taken to version 2.0 for Loopmasters to iron out any beta issues. Now, it looks extremely exciting and if it delivers on those promises, will be a no-brainer plugin for almost every producer and composer. We'll take a closer look at it soon. Native Instruments recently launched a cloud-based service that's subscription based called – find out more in our Everything You Need to Know piece.