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The Child Of Lov to release debut album

The singular hip hop genius that is The Child Of Lov is set to release his debut self titled album on Double Six Records on the Monday 6th May.

Mixing an eclectic array of soulful funk croons and the rigorous hip hop beats that provide the building blocks for the future-thinking nostalgia it will lead to a sound purely notable to Child Of Lov following the LP release.

The debut release was recorded in the emphatic Blur frontman Damon Albarn's studio 13 in London.

Collaborations are plenty with The Child Of Love, Albarn returns on 'One Day' while the jazz hands of Thundercat strike a chord with the flow ridden DOOM on 'Owl'.

The Child Of Love will be a culmination of the vibe and ethos of the nostalgic and modern day hip hop, a fresh new memory for everyone to cherish.

The Child Of Love with be available on 12”, CD and digitally.

Words: David Sullivan