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‘Life in Black + White’ production tips

“So to provide a little backstory on the album... 'Life in Black + White' started out as a private side project that I would go to whenever I had the time. At that stage I was producing a lot of music, mainly big stuff for the dancefloor and I felt myself drifting away from those dynamics. Making the album was the natural and organic process that manifested itself out of those feelings.

“I didn’t start out with the idea of 'having to make an album', I would sit in the studio and do what came instinctively to me. At the time I was re-visiting a lot of music from my teenage years, DJ Shadow's 'Endtroducing', RJD2's 'Deadringer', various golden era hip-hop and jazz, and I really think these influences shone through.

“I have been digging for samples forever and have amassed a nice collection of weird and wonderful music that I can call upon when I'm feeling uninspired or without ideas. 'Life in Black + White' is really a collection of all of my previous musical interests, pieced together with other records.

“My process for making the album was relatively simple and I wanted to restrict myself from getting too complex and 'techy' about it. I would keep parts to a minimum... allowing the drums and bass to breathe. A very important part of making this album was actually the time I took away from it; after having put together the framework I put it away and didn’t give it a proper listen for a good few months.

Time is a very useful tool and making music that stands the test of time is something I always strive to do. When returning to the tracks I could listen again with fresh ears and really tell which would make the cut and which would be dropped. There are of course some things I would change but I am very happy with it as it stands, I see the strength in imperfection and am happy with the overall feeling. It’s a perfect summation of me as a person, highs and lows, ups and downs, back and forth, black and whites.”