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The Swiss-Chile DJ's long-awaited party begins its Ibiza residency

Gaining momentum as one of the best spots for new music on the White Isle, Cova Santa’s renowned charm has come into its own with the announcement of this exciting new fixture.

Wednesday July 2nd will see the inaugural event of the much-anticipated Luciano & Friends residency. Opening its doors at 3pm and continuing through the night until 6am, Cova Santa will provide the idyllic setting for a party that will perfectly reflect the soulful techno precision and timeless groove of the Luciano & Friends roster.

Heading the show will be the Cadenza head honcho and all-round vibes wizard Luciano, along with the varied and delectable palettes of Phil Weeks, Cesar Merveille, Dan Andrei, Gianna Callipari, Paola Poletto and Francisco Allendes.

The un-wavering underground influence and musical energy of the Luciano & Friends team will no doubt be in full flow at this curated opening party, making it a must for the Island’s techno enthusiasts.

With its expansive outdoor terrace and intimate indoor club, the newly established in-land venue of Cova Santa has become a focal point for partygoers seeking a taste of Ibiza’s true ethos —  and this residency will be a perfect example.

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Words: James Goatman