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Major labels may make first change to vinyl production since 1978

Plans will be unveiled in Detroit in early October...

Plans to upgrade existing manufacturing specifications for vinyl records are set to be unveiled next month in Detroit.

 The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which represents major labels in North America such as Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, will make the announcement at the ‘Making Vinyl’ conference in Detroit in early October, according to organisers.

Proposals reportedly include a technical update to the current process of producing vinyl records, which hasn't been changed since 1978.

According to Digital Music News, organisers said: “The advent of new manufacturing technologies and resurgent popularity of vinyl prompted music industry leaders to review existing specifications and evaluate whether updated standards could help further advance the vinyl market.”

Vinyl has experienced a resurgence recently with year-on-year sales continuing to rise as well as sitting at 1500% on 10 years ago — this seems to have prompted business executives to re-examine the outdated manufacturing process.

However, apart from a lack of change, it remains to be seen why a new vinyl records standard is needed.