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New Mexican house producer/DJ is fresh and fly

Louie Fresco got into making music through the video game 'MTV: Music Generator 2' before progressing onto professional software, and has slowly built up his name in deep house/tech circles to become well-known outside his home country of Mexico. He confides to DJ Mag, though, that he used to be part of an EDM project in the mid-to-late noughties.

“We'd been touring all over the world, doing lots of 'big room' shows and festivals while getting good money, but at some point I started to feel that I wasn't doing it for the right reasons,” he says. “The music was too fast and too loud, everything started to feel superficial and pointless. So, in 2010 I decided to hit the reset button and just make music without any pressure, without thinking about goals, touring, music genres or anything; just music that felt right.”

After starting to make his own more considered stuff, Jonny White from Art Department came across one of his tracks, 'Cruel', that Louie had planned to release on his own label with a remix by his pal Russ Yallop. “It ended up being a part of Lee Foss' EP on No.19 instead, and that was a good move because the track got played and charted by almost everyone I looked up to,” he says.

Since then he's had a string of releases on labels such as Suruba, Exploited and No.19 again, and 'The New Hateration EP' has just dropped on his own Mexa Records, with remixes by Kolombo, MK and Jakkin Rabbit. He's also giving over his debut artist album to No.19, as they've helped him so much along the way.

“The album will consist of 13 songs, and I emphasize the word 'songs' because most of them are a bit more emotional than your typical dancefloor tune,” he tells DJ Mag. “It's got techno, house, hip-hop, trip-hop, classical music, and basically any kind of music that I felt like doing at the time that fits that No.19 vibe.”