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We asked lots of DJs for their World Cup predictions...

Who do you want to win the World Cup?

“With all the respect to the other teams, it has to be Germany this time. We not only have amazing, young and very talented players, but also very experienced team leaders who have already played three or four big tournaments. I am just not sure if our coach is the right person to get the best out of our players, but looking at the last European and World Cups, I think Germany is well overdue...”

Who's going to win the World Cup?

“Obviously Brazil could easily be the winner of 2014; they are back on track with a talented team and a good coach. Not only this, they will also be carried by the huge wave of enthusiasm and change in their country that has happened during the preparations. The hosting nation always has great support that encourages them immensely!”

Standout World Cup memory?

“I think it would have to be the World Cup in Germany 2006; for the first time, us Germans could walk around with the German flag and not be called a Nazi. It took many years to get over it, but being able to show that we are proud Germans despite the history was a new concept to our country. A healthy patriotism is nothing bad, and we seemed to forget about that completely.”

Who should DJ before the World Cup Final?

“It would be so nice if a DJ from either country played back-to-back before the game. We wouldn't just pick DJs playing big room house and covers of samba — it's possible to entertain a crowd with quality music too.”