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Disclosure, Nile Rodgers and Bonobo issuing limited edition wax

Literally hundreds of vinyl releases have just been announced for Record Store Day. Disclosure (pictured), Nile Rodgers and Bonobo are amongst those from the dance world who are issuing limited edition exclusives on vinyl for Record Store Day — April 19th.

In the UK, Disclosure are releasing dark house cut ‘Apollo’, previously only available digitally, on limited edition one-sided twelve-inch vinyl.

And the Eats Everything remixes of Nile Rodgers’ IMS anthem ‘Do What You Wanna Do’ are also coming out on vinyl for Record Store Day.

Other electronic acts releasing stuff include Bonobo (‘Get Thy Bearings’ on clear ten-inch vinyl), and Kompakt act The Field. Downtempo dons Sebastien Tellier, Mr Benn and Thievery Corporation are releasing seven-inch singles, while alt.hip-hop cats Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip have ‘You Will See Me’ out on Rob Da Bank’s Sunday Best label.

Katy B, Lee Perry, Grace Jones, Ice T and ESG also all have exclusive stuff coming out on vinyl. Over 240 shops in the UK are already participating, with many more worldwide.

As well as all this, there are deluxe vinyl editions of Ed Banger electro classics, pioneering Chicago label Dance Mania’s ‘Revival Traxx’ EP and a vintage selection from electro pioneer Alexander Robotnick.

This is all in addition to material on vinyl from assorted punk bands like the Sex Pistols, indie stalwarts such as Suede, long-running acts like the Rolling Stones and Status Quo, and legends such as Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie & Marc Bolan — all are all releasing stuff especially for Record Store Day.

Record Store began in 2007 in the US to help shine a light on physical music stores – just as the digital age was accelerating unstoppably. Dance music was, of course, founded on vinyl, and many DJs still use the black stuff, and plenty of labels and shops worldwide still support the format. It may never get back to its heyday, but sales of vinyl are up this year once again.

There are many reasons to visit an independent record shop on April 19th – or indeed any day of the year!

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