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Marco Corona - Matalo

New Music!

Back in the day, Italy’s Marco Corona was a member of the Heineken BPM Tour, which was a tour that sent DJs spinning through Curacao, Aruba and Miami, bringing quality tunes to notoriously dance music-starved areas. Okay, you caught us – those places have more clubs per capita than they do elementary schools – the point is, Corona knows how to bring the party.

These days, he peddles his tech-house wares in cities such as Milan and Miami, and you can hear the vibes of these towns in his new track ‘Matalo,’ which is all slamming bongos and drum machines without a cloud in sight. Besides repetition of the titular phrase and the odd organ wash, there’s not much else going on, but with drums that hit as hard as these do, do you really need anything else?

The single, off Krone Records, is out now, so check it here.