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MasterSounds announce new mixers and FX units

The boutique DJ company have upgraded their popular Radius range…

MasterSound have announced two brand new rotary mixers called the Radius 4V and Linear 4V. Alongside their new consoles, they've also announced a series of FX units  and DJ products for DJs who are more concerned with audio fidelity. The Radius upgrades their previous award-winning mixer adding a cross fader 10-point LEDs and a three-band EQ per channel and adds a valve on each of the four channels. The Linear – as you might have guessed – is a linear fader version of the same mixer and also includes the new valves, hence the V. 

MasterSound have also introduced new FX units called MasterSound FX with three units in one box including analogue filter, FX and analogue distortion system. The filter features the standard three types – HP, LP and BP – while the distortion effect offers subtle warmth up tp hard clipping. The FX section offers eight total FX including three delays, three reverbs, a noise effect and a pitching delay. 

The FX units are designed to run as inserts on the MasterSound mixers and feature TRS jacks round back for routing the signal through. The equipment was co-designed by the man behind the MODEL1 and Xone:92 Andy Rigby-Jones. 

The Radius and Linear 4V will cost £1,985, while the FX units come in at £495.