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Mathew Jonson releases ‘Learning to Fly’

Techno producer releases follow-up to 'Decompression'

Mathew Jonson, the king of heartfelt techno, releases his second EP on Minus.

“For me this piece reflects clarity and harmony,” reckons Mathew who has been waiting years to have an EP suitable enough to follow the success of his first release on Minus, 2004's ‘Decompression’.

Personally considering it one of his best works, the release is also a tribute to the man who has helped inspire the Vancouver DJs success. "Richie Hawtin is someone who has always inspired me to take my work to new levels, so it's fitting that Learning To Fly will be released on Minus”

Physical copies of The EP will available on 13th June and digital copies of the EP will be released 15th June.