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Friday March 30th

Now that we have taken you through 24 hours of Getting Lost with Damian Lazarus, kicking it with Afrojack and eating beef burgers to beefier bass with Just Blaze and Justin Martin at the Dirtybird BBQ, we needed the weekend to party at Ultra, fly home, pass out and return just clear-headed enough to recall the swankiest event that went down this MMW 2014.

Sean "Diddy" Combs and Guy Gerber previewed their new underground dance music project and album '11-11' at Red Bull Guest House. The affair was posh, complete with a jazz band and red ropes, just as you’d expect from the infamously swaggy Diddy. Arriving with his posse and a gaggle of models (naturally), Diddy took to the mic and praised Gerber for being a DJ who 'plays what you need, not what you want,’ and joked that he wanted to call the project 'Ketamine,' which scored Combs a big laugh from the industry folk lucky enough to snag an invite.   

Of the 11-11 project Diddy added: "If you’re looking for that big drop, where you jump up and down like a pogo stick, this is not for you.”

Gerber went on to spin some tracks from the project; a blend of smooth, deep melodies with hip-hop laid on top that truly have no genre-defining boundaries, and sounded as sexy as the models… almost.

The party later moved to Diddy’s mansion on Star Island, which went well into the daylight hours. Wish you were there? Want to know what went down?

Sorry, what happens at Diddy’s stay at Diddy’s.

Photo: Robert Snow / Red Bull Guest House