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The MicroTrack is Back

M-Audio Announces MicroTrack II Handheld Digital Recorder

The pocket sized portable recorder is back. Along with the built in stereo mics, the 24bit/96Khz device records to wav or directly to mp3 using compact flash cards or micro-drives. A big plus for the MicroTrack II is that it can now record files bigger than the 2GB limit imposed by Fat32 drives. It does this by storing them as seamless multi-part wav files, perfect for those marathon DJ sets. Other cool new features include an input limiter to avoid distortion through loud peaks in the sound level and a higher gain range. Balanced ¼" TRS line inputs also make it easy to take a feed directly from a studio or club mixer. S/PDIF input means that users can record the output of digital mixers and perform transfers from other digital recording/storage devices with pristine quality The MicroTrack II is in stores now, snap one up for the max retails price of £229. Check out more info at