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Mike Monday free music

A music industry experiment

We've been big ol' Mike Monday fans since his Andre 3000 sampling 'That Shit Was.... ?', a sexy slice of dirty electronic dancefloor funk. More recently 'Zum Zum', from his aply-named 'Smorgasbord' album could have been the result of Prince jamming in an elevator with Mr Scruff.

So funnily enough, we were intrigued by his latest project and declaration that, 'I write electronic music. It sounds a bit like Prince getting drunk with Mr Scruff in Royksopps house. And every Monday from July 19th until September 20th 2010 I'm releasing a new track for free. That's 10 free tracks in 10 weeks.'

Turns out, like many in the music industry, Mike has found returning to the age old conundrum, 'what music do I want to make and how can he make a living doing?' Fortunately, being an Oxford educated type, he's turned this existential crisis into a project documenting the process of answering his self-penned question, creating a free track a week to escape the constraints of a commercial release and blogging on related subjects, such as coming up with the perfect pitch to describe the music he makes.

We think it's ace and the tunes are typically, brilliantly off the wall. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out.