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Minimal Masterclass

Tech Editor David Eserin takes a refresher in music production online at Point Blank and diarises the events.

"After just three months of A-levels I dropped out of school to study Audio Engineering, but quickly discovered that building amplifiers from scratch wasn't helping my home productions sound any better, so I decided to set up a studio and teach myself. I made my fair share of tunes but was the stereotypical preset surfer.

"Starting the Point Blank course has left me kicking myself wishing I could go back in time and convince myself to do something as hands-on as this minimal techno course in Logic, rather than a cluttered academic yarn. This week I learned how to build an entire drum kit from scratch using synthesis, not samples - synthesis!

"The course is properly hands-on with stacks of easy to understand course material to guide me on my way and tutor Danny Lewis is on hand to answer my questions.

"I'm filled with inspiration and the course is also available in Ableton too."