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London superclub reaches agreement

Ministry Of Sound will survive despite approval of a planning application for Eileen House, a project that had previously threatened the club’s existence.

Following many uncertain months of lobbying, the club has revealed that an agreement has been struck with the developers, Englewood LTD, which will allow the club, home to The Gallery, Toolroom Knights and our recent Best Of British Awards Party, to remain open in the face of proposed development in the local area.

A club from the statement today read as follows:

'Following the Mayor of London’s adjournment of the representation hearing on 19 November 2013, Ministry of Sound Group and Englewood Ltd reached an agreement regarding the proposed planning application for Eileen House, Elephant & Castle.

Both parties agreed that a Deed of Easement is granted to Ministry of Sound Group, allowing its nightclub to continue to make the current levels of noise without fear of complaint from future residents of the development. Through a section 106 agreement, the proposed development is also subject to a very high level of acoustic protection.

With these mechanisms in place, the development of the Eileen House site can take place without threatening the continuing existence of Ministry of Sound nightclub. Satisfied that both parties had reached an agreement, the Mayor of London approved the planning application on 19 December 2013.

Lohan Presencer, chief executive of Ministry of Sound Group, said: "We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Englewood Ltd that safeguards our future while allowing new development in Southwark. 

"This is a significant planning breakthrough for London, setting a precedent for how new housing and existing businesses can live together.  

"We are grateful to the Mayor for his efforts and look forward to welcoming our new neighbours to the area."

Chris Shaw, of Shaw Corporation on behalf of the applicants, Englewood Ltd, said: "We are happy to have reached this landmark agreement with Ministry of Sound Group. It will enable us to deliver much needed housing to London while ensuring the nightclub remains fully protected.

"This agreement means that both sides can truly co-exist in Southwark. We look forward to working together to achieve this objective.  With the grant of planning consent and subject to the necessary approvals regarding the demolition of the existing Eileen House, building is due to commence early in 2014 with the main development following soon afterwards."