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Miss Diamond serves DJ Mag a take-down notice

In a dramatic turn of events DJ Mag was served a take-down notice by top entertainment lawyers, Sheridans. By strange co-incidence Sheridans is the same firm which recently decided to employ Judge Jules! Miss Diamond claims that she has not cheated.

Her lawyer's letter, below, required DJ Mag to take down our allegations of cheating and provide evidence of said cheating. DJ Mag is not prepared to take down its allegation and will justify our comment in court if necessary. However, we provide some evidence to support our claims of cheating.

Sheridans Letter

It was immediately apparent from our back end data analysis that a huge proportion of votes for Miss Diamond were fraudulent. These votes are always removed as a matter of course. However in Miss Diamond's case there is extensive and compelling evidence that either the DJ or those working on her behalf were trying to manipulate the poll, which we cannot tolerate.

Firstly, Miss Diamonds Facebook page is a sham – that is to say her 156,000 likes are bogus. DJ Mag are aware that Facebook 'likes' can be as cheap as $10 per 10,000 to buy It is clear that there is little or no engagement on Miss Diamond's Facebook page. Her latest post on Saturday received 4 likes! Her defence to this evidence was jaw-droppingly stupid – well there are plenty of other DJ pages which have this same level of engagement. Yes – we know and they are bogus too!

Miss Diamond's sham Facebook page show's a complete lack of engagement

Secondly, Miss Diamonds Twitter page is a similar sham – it purports to have more followers than it actually does. The intention is to deceive DJ Mag and others that this DJ is more important or popular than she actually is.

Thirdly, we have evidence that her husband and agent, Dieter Dratwa, has perverted the voting process. When the story first emerged of Diamond's cheating we received an email from a dissatisfied freelancer who hadn't been paid for providing 3000 fake votes. The email to DJ Mag was unsolicited. He claimed that he had been approached through This was a site we had not heard of before. But a quick search on the site showed that Dratwa was indeed very active on this site. He has since unpublished his activity in an attempt to cover his tracks!

Dratwa seeks fake twitter followers

Google searches have demonstrated that Dratwa's cheating is not limited to the Top 100 DJs Poll, but also to The DJList voting

Dratwa looks to cheat in TheDJList Poll

Lastly, we have absolute proof which will not be disclosed at this time, that Dratwa used a freelancer in Bangladesh to provide fake votes for this year's Poll. We know his name, his address, telephone and a plethora of email addresses. His thumb prints are all over the fraudulent votes and he is indelibly linked to Miss Diamond and Dratwa. We have contacted him and await a satisfactory answer before we expose him.

We find it inconceivable that Miss Diamond was unaware of her husband's actions, and if she wasn't - she should have been aware. Therefore, we stand by our allegations and restate them - it is quite clear that Miss Diamond, or those working on her behalf, have cheated.

There are many talented DJs who work incredibly hard to secure a legitimate fan base. Miss Diamond and her husband's actions are an affront to these artists and are motivated by greed - the chance of easy money by falsifying their true popularity. We have, therefore, decided to give her a life ban. However, if she apologises to DJ Mag and her fellow DJs, donates £500 to the 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation', and pays our considerable legal fees – we will reduce her ban to 2 years.