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Leading mix streaming site gets more features

Our friends at Mixcloud have added a whole bunch of new features to their already excellent platform

The first of the new features and options are a must for power-users, DJs and radio presenters. Signing up to a PRO account will give you access to a sophisticated analytics dashboard showing a breakdown of their audience size, source and location. Advanced publishing tools unlocked include comment control and scheduled uploads, whilst the new engagement graphs reveal to content creators for the first time where their listeners are dropping off.

If you are a listener rather than a creator, then you also have an upgrade option. The brand new Premium account for listeners offers an uncluttered ad-free listening experience. The company also points to the support of the music community this option provides, as these paid accounts enable more money to flow back to the original artists and rights holders.

The final addition is one that has been called out for by Mixcloud users - the ability to repost shows and mixes.

Mixcloud's Nico Perez, picks up the story; “Inspired by the concept of ‘Retweets’ and ‘Reblogs’ on Twitter and Tumblr, we’ve just launched a new ‘Repost’ feature for Mixcloud. As an example, radio presenters can Repost their individual shows from their respective radio station’s channel.”

The online radio and mix streaming is unique in that they are fully licensed and pay royalties to the rights owners who appear on the site. This means no mix takedowns and no feeling like you are ripping off artists by including them in your mixes. Check out the changes at