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Sub bass can be one of the most difficult aspects of a mix to get right, and yet for electronic music producers, it’s one of the most important. Physical factors such as the way our hearing works as well as practical influences like speaker size and placement mean that bass frequencies can be hard to get right in home or even project studios. In a new video from Point Blank, they discuss the best practices for getting clean and powerful bass in your tracks and how to avoid phasing, clashes and muddy bass.

This video will go a long way to helping you mix bass frequencies, but if you want to learn how to mix full tracks from any genre, our mixing and mastering courses can teach you everything you need to know about getting professional and release-ready mixes for yourself or others. Not only will you learn from our incredible facilities at Point Blank London, you’ll also have the chance to visit and work out of professional studios like Strongroom and Moloko. Find out more about our mixing courses here.