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The Mixtape is Back!

Those were the days - spending all weekend locked away cultivating the perfect mix - recorded through your humble hi hi onto the now archaic CASSETTE!

OK, we lied. The cassette isn't really back - not yet anyway!

But those hopeful days of thrusting a mixtape into the hands of a promoter in the hope of landing a dream gig - they never went away - but they did go digital!

Every month we feature the best reader mixes, productions and live acts in the magazine where they are exposed to a whole army of DJmag readers!

And here is the best bit. Anyone can listen to the winning mixes because they are broadcast on that leviathon of dance broadcasting - Kiss FM! Imagaine your mix rubbing musical shoulders with the work of dance music's finest Carl Cox and Armin Van Buuren!

You want in? Then get yourselves onto the forums, get listening and get sharing! That big break could be just around the corner!

Submit your mix HERE!