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This modular synth is designed for making pummelling industrial techno

Erica Synths have created a 15-modular rig designed for creating heavy techno beats…

This new modular synth is designed for performing heavy techno live. An all-in-one unit with 15 modules in total, Erica Synths create the Techno Drum System built around a flexible drum sequencer, drum sampler module, dedicated kick, snare, clap, toms and hi-hat modules, a dual-distortion unit with three types of saturation, there's even an effects module with a stereo mixer and compressor.

As modular synths become more popular for live performance, it's an interesting time for live techno – no word on price for the Erica Synth all-in-one unit yet, but expect to pay a premium. Sonic State previewed the unit at this year's Superbooth in Berlin – watch the video below. For a cheaper drum alternative, why not check out Behringer's new Roland 808 clone