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Win tickets for Zoo Project Festival

Like most party animals living in the UK, we are going ape-shit. For good reason too. Zoo Project Festival has announced it's entire line-up, which includes a stage programmed by us, we are giving away tickets!

Presenting everything you'd expect from a line-up programmed by the likes of Ostgut Ton, Secretsundaze, Jaunt, Louche and Cocoon, Zoo Project Festival's bill is already a menagerie of DJ talent, with Sasha, Visionquest, Prosumer, DJ Sneak and Julio Bashmore just a few already announced, and much more to follow. Set within the feral grounds of Port Lympne Wild Animal Park between 14th — 16th September, you won't be the only things behaving like crazy animals when you round off a wicked summer of raving at Zoo Project Festival.

“Snow leopards, siberian tigers, eastern black rhinos and elephants are just some of the wonderful creatures that live at Port Lympne,” says Graeme Stewart, one of the bods behind The Project. “The park is divided into numerous zones depending on habitat and the type of animal, of course. We have Port Lympne Mansion on hand as an artist area. This is the park's stately home which was built in 1912 and is a stunning building. There will be a few wristbands to access this backstage area hidden within the music and camping areas, so keep your eyes peeled!” 

Swimming lengths from its humble origins as no-holds-barred parties put on by workers off season in Ibiza, Zoo Project set up at Gala Nights, a zoo hidden in the hills of Benimussa, located 2km outside of Saint Antonio, in 2006. The years since have seen it not only become one of the island's best-loved events, but rise to prominence as one of the most trusted promotions on the planet, doing the rounds of the world's finest clubs, including Fabric and Watergate, even as far as SQ (Poland) and Ellui (South Korea). It's no wonder, then, that Zoo Project is ready to take the next step, and go all out with a full-on three-day weekender in a park where you can actually go on rave safari.

“While we have a section of the park which will be utilised specifically for our camping and live music, people can access the other areas of the site via a specially constructed walkway and bridge, and, yes, that’s included in the ticket price,” adds Graeme. “Once inside, people can quite easily take a wander around the mountain gorilla enclosure, or jump on the back of the safari jeeps and see the savannah habitat. Obviously all the parks safety policies are still in place as these are wild animals, but we could always feed a few members of the DJ Mag team to the lions if they misbehave!”


Zoo Project Festival looks so shit-hot, we just have to have a piece of it. This is who you will find in our little corner of the festival, at the DJ Mag Arena...

Julio Bashmore

Eats Everything

Pearson Sound

George Fitzgerald


Blackhall & Bookless


To win a pair of tickets, send the answer to this question to [email protected]...

Zoo Project Festival is going to be held where?

a) A Zoo

b) A Farm

c) A Safari Park

Buy tickets and get the full line up here